Sermon: Because of God’s Mercy…Serve God’s People

Because of God’s Mercy…Serve God’s People
Romans 12:6-8
September 27, 2020

When James was seven years old, he was hit by a bread delivery truck.  He survived, but he suffered an injury to the frontal lobe of his brain and a chunk of his skull was missing — an indentation that was evident for the rest of his life.  He recuperated for six months at home and from then until he went to university, he had to wear an aluminum plate over the injury to his head and abstain from all sports.  He had already been a loner, and the injury made him withdraw into even more activities like reading and writing.  Four years after the accident, he really wanted a bicycle for his 11th birthday and began dropping hints with his parents.  All his friends had a bike and he also wanted one.  His biographer tells the story:

On the morning of his eleventh birthday, in 1937, [James] wandered down from his bedroom to see what present awaited him. The family had a tradition of placing birthday presents in dining room of the house. He expected to find a bicycle. Instead, he found an old Oliver typewriter, which seemed to him to weigh half a ton. Although it was old, in was nevertheless in excellent condition.

It was not what [James] had asked for; nevertheless, it proved to be what he needed. Surprise gave way to delight, as he realized what he could do with this unexpected gift. It was not more than a minute before he had put paper into the machine and started to type. It proved to be his best present and the most treasured possession of his boyhood.

As they gave that gift to James, his parents had no idea the impact that typewriter would have on the Christian world, and how many books would be produced from the keys of the typewriter belonging to James — J. I. Packer, one of the most significant theologians of the 20th century.  All because he received a gift he really didn’t want.

This morning as we come to the topic of spiritual gifts, it may be that you either don’t know the gift you have received from God, or are discontent with what you have received.  What Romans 12:6-8 will teach us is that the gifts we have individually received are best for us and best for the corporate body of Christ:

Spiritual gifts are God’s gracious enablement for your ministry to the church.

These verses contain three categories of gifts and two implications for our gifts:

  1. The Foundational Gifts: Prophecy (v. 6b)
  2. The Serving Gifts (vv. 7-8)
  3. The Speaking Gifts (vv. 7-8)
  4. How to Discover Your Spiritual Gift(s)
  5. Where Can I Use My Gift at GBC?

Download the rest of this sermon on Romans 12:6-8.

The audio will be posted on the GBC website by tomorrow.

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