Why it is worth following Christ

Todays Quote“Are not we, the doers, weak and infirm, bent to backslide, unskillful in the word of righteousness, not only backward to but awkward in everything that is good? And have we not then great need of an example, one to go before us to show us how and which way? Our heavenly Father, who knows our frame, has provided for us accordingly. The whole Bible is a book of rules and examples, rules in the precepts, examples in the stories—both Old Testament and New—which are all to help our infirmities. And we should make use of them accordingly. But one example there is so in a special and peculiar manner, a pattern which in a special manner we are to take heed to, and that is the blessed Jesus…[Others are] but candles, at best but stars. He, the sun. Now as the sun exceeds and excels all other lights, so the blessed Jesus all other examples.” [Philip Henry, Christ All in All]

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