Sermon: Remember Our Glorious God

Remember Our Glorious God
Romans 16:21-27
October 3, 2021

We don’t write as many letters as we used to write.  But we still write often to others in emails.  And if you write enough of them, you may have an automated “signature” that you use.  Or you might try to be creative with your sign-offs.  Often, I will simply say something like, “thanks.”  But that seems a little shallow.  So has come to our rescue with 70 suggestions for email sign-offs:

  • Something formal: all my best, best, best regards, best wishes, sending you the best, congratulations, faithfully, goodbye, looking forward, regards, respectfully, speak to you soon, warm regards/wishes, warmly, wishing you a wonderful day, yours truly.
  • Something friendly: cheers, enjoy your day/week, happy Sunday, hope this helps, make it a great day, pleasure catching up with you, see you tomorrow, sending good vibes, you’re the best, your friend.
  • Something appreciative: all my thanks, I can’t thank you enough, I owe you, much appreciated, thank you for everything, thank you in advance, thanks for reading, thanks for your help, you’re a lifesaver.
  • Something funny: anonymously, congrats on reading the whole email, I need coffee, one step closer to Friday, so long — farewell, the end, live long and prosper, peace out, tag — you’re it, tootles.

Endings can be hard.  You want to strike just the right note to your note.  I don’t know if Paul puzzled over what to say at the end of his letter to Rome.  But I know he hit the right note.  In the final seven verses of the greatest letter in the greatest book ever written, Paul reminds us of this truth:

The revelation of God’s salvation is for our good — and His glory.

As Paul ends his letter he offers two final reminders both of which emphasize God’s glory.  We might call these the final “take away” from the book.  As we leave Romans, remember:

  1. Final Greetings: Remember the Grace of God to Sustain Ministry (vv. 21-23)
  2. Final Praise: Remember the Glory of God to Establish Life  (vv. 25-27)
  • He Keeps Us in Salvation (v. 25a)
  • He Has Not Hidden Himself (or His Salvation) (v. 25b)
  • His Salvation Plan (Unexpectedly) Includes Us (v. 26)
  • He Deserves Glory (v. 27)

Download the rest of this sermon on Romans 16:21-27.

The audio will be posted on the GBC website by tomorrow.

Photo by NASA/Ben Cooper, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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