Organizing Resources for Biblical Counseling, Part 2

Counseling FilesA few weeks ago I made a case for organizing your biblical counseling resources (or any other discipling and teaching resources you use in caring for others).

I had at least one request for the complete list of categories.  So here it is.

Most of the folders just have the articles and homework ideas sorted according to file type (typically either a Word document or .pdf).  A few folders have so many files that I have sub-divided the folders.  I didn’t take the time to show all the sub-divisions, but I did provide a few samples (indicated by indented bullet-points).

One last note:  you notice that on the screen shot that I have two folders not organized alphabetically — “First Sessions” and “General Counseling Resources.”  Those are files that I wanted at the head of the list because they are folders I frequent regularly.  I was able to put them at the top of the list simply by placing a [space] before the first letter; this works on Mac devices; I don’t know if it works in Windows, though I suppose that system also has a means of prioritizing files in an alphabetic listing.

Now go and make a list for yourself.  And populate it!

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