God’s Redeemer King


God’s Redeemer King
Zechariah 9:9-10
May 7, 2023

Great Britain coronated a new regent yesterday.  After 70 years under the leadership of Queen Elizabeth, the United Kingdom now gives allegiance to and serves King Charles III.

Elizabeth was particularly loved by Great Britains (at least it seemed that way from way over here in Texas).  As well-loved as she was, at least for a season, it seemed that Charles was that unloved.  Many said he should not be king and head of the Anglican Church because of his well-known infidelities.  So now they must be wondering what kind of leadership Charles will provide — will he be a kind king, a king sensitive to their needs, will he provide good leadership and work well with parliament? 

Whenever a new leader takes over a country, there is much speculation about the kind of leadership he will provide and whether it will be beneficial to the country.  So it also is for Israel as she anticipates her Messiah and the world as it also anticipates the final, great, and eternal King.  What will He be like?

It is that question that Zechariah 9 answers in two well-known verses.  Having revealed something of the coming wrath of God against the nations (and particularly Tyre) in vv. 1-6, and the hope of redemption even for those judged nations (vv. 7-8), God introduces the nature of the final, great King and calls Israel to a particular response to the King (a response that is appropriate for us as well):

Rejoice — God’s King is coming.

The key verb in these verses is Rejoice.  Having called Israel to rejoice, God then gives two reasons for Israel to rejoice:  the King’s character, and the King’s Conquest.  The only reason Charles was crowned king of England yesterday was because of birthright — he happened to be born in the right place, to the right person, at the right time.  While Christ also has the “birthright” to the throne (I used the term loosely), He also has every other attribute and right to be King of all the earth.

  1. Rejoice for the Character of the King (v. 9)
    • The King is righteous
    • The King is saving
    • The King is humble
    • The King is peaceable
  2. Rejoice for the Conquest of the King (v. 10)
    • The King will provide peace
    • The King will speak peace
    • The King will provide peace eternally

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