I am contented

A traveler was making his way down a little-used back road in Oregon when his need for gasoline drew him to a run-down service station. The owner sat outside, absorbed in the view of the wilderness that lay before him. After filling the tank, making a couple of half-interested swipes at the dirty windshield, and […]

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Finished growing? Not yet.

During a dinner party conversation, the neighbor of Albert Einstein asked the white-haired physicist, “What are you actually, by profession?” “I devote myself to the study of physics,” replied Einstein. The girl was astonished: “You mean to say that you study physics at your age? I finished mine a year ago!” What that poor young […]

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God’s wisdom and the cross

He was just another New York City drunk. Found in a Bowery flophouse naked and with a deep gash in his throat, he was taken to the hospital where he languished for three days, unable to eat. He had lived to drink, and now he had died by the drink. A friend found him in […]

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He is faithful

My wife and I had been married only a few days when we moved into our first home — a 50-year-old, 600-square-foot, unfurnished apartment. We had just finished unloading all of our worldly possessions from a single 4-foot by 6-foot trailer when our new neighbors came to invite us to dinner. The initial conversation went […]

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Believing the Bible

Every Sunday morning, hundreds of thousands of Christians gather together for worship and they hear the Word of God preached. Morning and evening and times in between on each day, millions of believers open their Bibles and read what God has said. Throughout each week, followers of Christ meet with one another and exhort one […]

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Reading your Bible in 2016

While God used John Newton in significant and extensive ways, he honestly admitted what we too often dishonestly deny: How much time have I lost and wasted, which, had I been wise, I should have devoted to reading and studying my Bible!  But my evil heart obstructs the dictates of my judgment; I often feel […]

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