Reading your Bible in 2016

While God used John Newton in significant and extensive ways, he honestly admitted what we too often dishonestly deny:

How much time have I lost and wasted, which, had I been wise, I should have devoted to reading and studying my Bible!  But my evil heart obstructs the dictates of my judgment; I often feel a reluctance to rad this book of books, and a disposition to hew out broken cisterns which afford me no water, while the fountain of living waters is close within my reach.

Could not all of us also affirm that too much of our time has been wasted on foolish and empty ventures, while our Bible reading and meditation has received scant attention?

The tragedy of our diminished time in the Scriptures is not merely that we have neglected the duty of biblical intake, but we have missed the opportunity for communion and fellowship with our Master and Savior.  We could have gained knowledge and intimacy with the Lord and we squandered it.

So to help myself, and you, I have again put together a set of various Bible readings to help you get to know our great and glorious God this year.  The church is going to follow a reading plan of the NT (weekdays) and Psalms (Sundays).  The advantage to this plan is that the readings are shorter and it thus naturally invites and affords more opportunity for meditation and reflection on the reading.

There is also a chronological Bible reading plan (which, like the NT plan, includes reading the Psalms on Sundays) and an OT reading plan (which includes reading the gospels of Matthew and John on Sundays).  You may download the plans here:

[There are many other very helpful plans available; if you are interested in more options, and more helps about how to read your Bible, read Justin Taylor’s post, “Reading the Whole Bible in 2016: An FAQ” or my “Resolved to Read and Pray.”]

Remember, the goal is not to read to fulfill a duty (though we have a duty to know the Scriptures) and the goal is not to gain wisdom for our various problems (though in reading the Word, we will gain wisdom).  The goal is to know the mind and heart of God and to love Him more than anything.

So this year, read your Bible.  And get to know God, your gracious Lord and Father.

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