Counseling and first impressions

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression.  Bad first impressions can be corrected, strengthened, or supplemented so that initial miscues aren’t lasting failures. As first impressions go, Job’s friends were masterful.  When Job’s tragic circumstances became known, his friends came immediately to be with him (Job 2:11).  No delay, no mental hesitation, […]

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“Why did I not die at birth?”

A job interview that didn’t go the way you expected.  A dinner that came out the oven smoky and flat instead of light and fluffy.  A checkbook that appears to be inflicted with the black plague.  A friend that suffers from a chronic illness.  A favorite shirt that gets lost by the dry cleaner.  An […]

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An example of suffering

Pastor Keith has been teaching through the book of Job on Sunday mornings.  This Sunday, he mentioned again the story of Brian Birdwell as an example of those who suffer.  If you don’t have time to read his book, Refined by Fire, here is a brief summary of his story in his words: Brian currently […]

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How suffering is good

Suffering is good. Now there is a statement that is sure to raise a few questions in the minds of most readers and thinkers. Yet the Scriptures affirm that the varied kinds of suffering endured by believers really are for their good and for God’s glory.  A few examples: Suffering from sin teaches us the […]

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Suffering and worship

This week we finish reading the book of Job. The majority of the book contains the dialogue between Job and his three not-so-wise and not-so-comforting and not-so-biblical friends.  They foolishly attempt to answer why a godly man like Job suffers (their faulty answer — “he’s not as godly as he thinks”). But in question after […]

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Reading Job

The book of Job has long been of interest to Biblical readers for the question of theodicy (how can God be righteous if evil exists), the relationship between Satan’s activity and God’s providence, and the historicity of Job. Yet as one writer has noted, the bigger concern of the book than any of those questions […]

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Grab Bag

What I’ve lately been reading and listening to in books and blogs that is noteworthy: Desiring God, “The Difference Between Christianity and Buddhism” Al Mohler, “Permanence Before Experience — The Wisdom of Marriage” Al Mohler, “‘This is Life We’re Talking About’ — Abortion and the Health Care Bill” John Piper talks about “My 2010 Writing […]

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Consider God’s servant Job

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been making our way through Job in our daily Bible reading. Just reading the first couple of chapters makes one think of people who have suffered or reminds one of his own suffering.  I’ve thought of numerous hospital visits and bedside prayers for people dying — children and […]

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