Zechariah’s Messiah

One commentator calls the book of Zechariah “the most Messianic, the most truly apocalyptic and eschatological, of all the writings of the OT.”  The New Testament evidently also recognizes it as being heavily Messianic because there are 41 quotations or allusions from the book of Zechariah in the New Testament.  And Zechariah 9-14 is the […]

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Living in uncertain times

This morning I glanced at the headlines of the newspaper and commented to my wife, “The Lord must certainly be coming back soon.” It wasn’t just the headline about China’s financial troubles and the resulting uncertainties in our stock market that triggered that comment.  It was also the moral chaos that we have seen unfolding […]

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Reading Habakkuk (redux)

This is a repost of a blog from last year; since our Bible book of the month is Habakkuk, I thought it would be helpful to post this again. One of the most repeated sentences by young children is, “it’s not fair…”  As in, It’s not fair that my brother can stay up later than […]

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Reading Zechariah

This week we’ve been reading Zechariah in our Old Testament reading plan. Are you confused about this book of visions? One of the dominant emphases of the book is the revelation of the Messiah. The concept of the Messiah is extremely prominent in this book. No other Old Testament book seemingly is so filled with […]

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Reading Micah

The book of Micah bears a strong resemblance to the other prophets of his time: Amos, Hosea, and Isaiah. Yet, while they all prophesied at approximately the same time, they each complimented each other in both their messages and their audiences. Read more here.

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Reading Joel

The book of Joel is a warning to the Israelites that they are facing a coming judgment unless they fulfill their part of the covenant with God. There are similarities in this book to the other prophets as well as the book of Revelation 9.  And like those other books, it concludes with a positive […]

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