Reading Zechariah

This week we’ve been reading Zechariah in our Old Testament reading plan.

Are you confused about this book of visions?

One of the dominant emphases of the book is the revelation of the Messiah.

The concept of the Messiah is extremely prominent in this book. No other Old Testament book seemingly is so filled with references to Christ as the Messiah. Among the predictions are: “the Lord’s Servant, the Branch (3:8); the Man, the Branch (6:12); the King-Priest (6:13); the True Shepherd (11:4-11); the True shepherd vs. the false shepherd — the Antichrist (11:15-17; 13:7); the betrayal of the Good Shepherd (11:12-13); His crucifixion (12:10); His sufferings (13:7); His second advent in glory (14:4).” [Merrill Unger, Unger’s Bible Handbook, p. 435.] The culmination, of course, is the detailed description of His second advent, as described in ch. 14. Since all the other prophecies have been realized, this is the only one which yet remains, and which all believers yet await.

Read more about the book of Zechariah here.

Here is also an abbreviated timeline of significant events in Zechariah and the related prophecy of Haggai:

Dates in Haggai and Zechariah[Chart adapted from The Bible Knowledge Commentary.]

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