2014 Bible reading plans

For a number of years, our church has followed a “Through the Bible” annual Bible reading plan.

Then two years ago, we created a “Through the New Testament” Bible reading plan that read the NT chronologically, as well as the Psalms (to read on Sundays).  The intent with this plan was to encourage those who had never read the Bible in an entire year to not be overwhelmed or discouraged and to have a plan that could be realistically accomplished.  This plan also creates more opportunity for reflection, meditation, and study on a daily basis.

Last year, in addition to the New Testament reading plan, we added a “Through the Old Testament” reading plan that read the OT chronologically and added two of the gospels for reading on Sundays.  With the addition of this plan, a person could realistically read the entire Bible in two years.

This year, we are adding a chronological reading of the entire Bible.  And again, the Psalms are read consecutively (not chronologically) on Sunday mornings.  This plan also offers one “meditation” day — a day to reflect on the weeks’ readings, or a day to catch up if one falls behind.  We will be following this plan as a church (this is the plan that will be in the bulletin each week), though you are welcome to follow whatever works best for you.

So for 2014, we are publishing all three plans so that one can chose the plan that best fits his/her stage in life and spiritual goals.  I am providing these plans as downloadable PDF files below.  There are two kinds of files:  the first is a “full-size” PDF file, so that you can print 8-1/2 x 11 pages.  The other file is ready to be printed as a two-sided file so that you can have the entire reading plan on one sheet of paper that can be folded and kept in your Bible.  This is the file that we use to print the reading plans that we make available in the church foyer.

There are also other good reading plans, which I have noted here previously.  You might also be interested in Grant Horner’s Bible reading plan in which the reader reads 10 chapters in Scripture each day.

Here are the three church reading plans to download for printing; copies are also available in the church foyer:

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