When children suffer

Parents have dreams and desires for their children. And sometimes those desires are cut short by the intrusion of Job-like illness, suffering, and even death. We believe in the sovereignty of God.  We know that worship is our calling when God orchestrates trials in our lives. But what does that worship sound like when our […]

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Sunday Leftovers (4/3/11)

Many times I have had someone make a brief comment after a Sunday morning worship service or over a Wednesday evening fellowship meal that goes something like this:  “Pray for me, I’m going to visit my folks next week…”  Or, “My kids are coming to visit this weekend; will you pray for us?” There are […]

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Grab Bag

Believers live in a place that is not their home.  It is often all-to-clear that this is not our permanent abode.  And yet there are also so many manifestations of God’s grace and kindness even while living amidst fallenness: Wrestling is to Iowa as football is to Texas.  So when high school student Joel Northrup […]

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