Grab Bag

Believers live in a place that is not their home.  It is often all-to-clear that this is not our permanent abode.  And yet there are also so many manifestations of God’s grace and kindness even while living amidst fallenness:

  • Wrestling is to Iowa as football is to Texas.  So when high school student Joel Northrup gave evidence of having a real opportunity to win the state championship in his weight class, it was no small achievement.  But Joel Northrup defaulted on his first match in the playoffs, because Iowa school officials have allowed girls to wrestle against boys, but Joel had decided that he would not wrestle a girl, even if it meant he would lose an opportunity to win a state title.  And he did lose that chance.  Good for Joel and his decision, based on biblical convictions.
  • David Powlison writes that God’s love is better than unconditional.
  • I haven’t had a chance to listen to these sermons yet, but I was intrigued by the “Gospel Centered Life Conference” when I first heard of it two or three weeks ago.  The audio is now available for download.
  • In case you’ve ever wondered how to provoke your children to anger, Mark Altrogge provides a few ideas.  (Just for the sake of clarity:  he offers these ideas for the sake of helping parents — and fathers in particular — to avoid them.)
  • Do technological connections and electronic relationships equate to real relationships?  And how can technology be used for God’s glory in relationships between men and women?  Carolyn McCulley writes about, “Gentlemen in a digital age.”
  • Okay — not too many biblical principles in this story (at least not overtly), but Geek Dad over at Wired Magazine came up with a list of the five best toys of all time.  But before you look, take a guess at what his list might contain or what might be on your list.  And don’t necessarily think about expensive toys.  Okay.  Now look.
  • Several years ago, Bob Kauflin felt hopeless.  Really hopeless.  But then through a friend’s loving counsel, he acknowledged that he really wasn’t hopeless enough:  “I feel completely hopeless because I am hopeless, but Jesus Christ died for hopeless people, and I’m one of them.”  If you feel hopeless, these words may be wise counsel for you as well.
  • The interwoven webs that God weaves in His sovereignty are awe-inspiring.  Here is one such story that resulted in salvation, told by Michael Oh.
  • The theme for The Master’s Seminary faculty lecture series this winter is “Christ’s Church.” The audio for these seven lectures is now available.

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