Addictions and Your Teenager

Do you know a teenager who has some form of addiction (alcohol, illegal drugs, food, video and gaming, or sex are some common examples)? Do you know a parent who has a teenager struggling with an addiction? Do you live in or near Granbury, Texas? If so, then our church has help for you.  On […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles: “Rescuing the Rupps: A Christmas Parable” (Clint Archer) One balmy Summer day in 1997 Rita Rupp (57) from Tulsa Oklahoma, was on a lengthy road trip with her husband Floyd (67). For no reason in particular, she began to sense that they may be in danger. She started thinking, ‘What if someone […]

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eBook deals

Here are a couple of current eBook deals that look good.  First, Shepherd Press has redesigned and relaunched their website with 99¢ deals on all their eBooks (but this deal is only good through Nov. 5).  A couple of the books that I’ve really appreciated are When Sinners Say, “I Do” (by Dave Harvey), and […]

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Some helpful articles from the last week: Jon Bloom explains why “God is Merciful Not to Tell Us Everything: “Can you imagine how the disciples might have felt if the Lord had explained to them that he would not assume his earthly reign for another 2,000-plus years, during which the Church would gradually and with […]

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Parenting for life

Christians parent with one eye on eternity. Their children will live forever. This is a staggering thought. We cannot imagine “forever.” Nevertheless, the destiny of our children either will be love that surpasses knowledge, joy inexpressible and full of glory, coupled with peace that passes understanding, or it will be weeping, wailing, and gnashing of […]

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Technology and parenting

David Murray has produced some helpful material on technology and its relationship to parenting.  A few days ago he published these short, five lessons for parenting in light of the technological influences of our day: Technology no longer has boundaries Know when to cut it off The difference between preference and addiction Focus on technology […]

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A word to parents

If you’ve been a parent for a while one of two things is likely true — either you are confident in your role, knowing exactly what you need to do, or you have become thoroughly confused and you feel clueless.  You may be like the dad who said, “Before I had children I had three […]

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Two thoughts about parenting

Yesterday I was doing some reading in preparation for a parental dedication on Sunday morning and came across these two gems from the pen of John Younts: “Parents looking primarily for enjoyment from such creatures are in for a major disappointment. Loving, enjoyable relationships between parents and children are a by-product of good parenting, not […]

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When children suffer

Parents have dreams and desires for their children. And sometimes those desires are cut short by the intrusion of Job-like illness, suffering, and even death. We believe in the sovereignty of God.  We know that worship is our calling when God orchestrates trials in our lives. But what does that worship sound like when our […]

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Dad, the family nurturer

When we read Paul’s words to the Ephesians carefully, his instruction to fathers makes us shake our heads and wonder, “Did I hear that correctly?” The word for “bring them up” in 6:4 is the same word as “nourish” in 5:29 — it has the idea of tender care and feeding, like a mother providing […]

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Sunday Leftovers (4/10/11)

Given the responsibility of the father to nurture and disciple his children, Pastor Lance Quinn has written a set of “Ten Commandments of Parenting.”  These encompass fundamental attributes and actions of a godly father: I will seek, as God enables me, to show my children how a husband loves his wife, as Christ loved the […]

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Grab bag

Found recently around the internet: A new album from Sovereign Grace — “Risen.” You can listen to every track — and then purchase it as a download for only $5.  What I’ve heard so far sounds good. There is much digital ink being spilled (digitized?) over Rob Bell’s latest book.  Many good and biblical responses […]

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Grab Bag

Believers live in a place that is not their home.  It is often all-to-clear that this is not our permanent abode.  And yet there are also so many manifestations of God’s grace and kindness even while living amidst fallenness: Wrestling is to Iowa as football is to Texas.  So when high school student Joel Northrup […]

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