Addictions and Your Teenager

Do you know a teenager who has some form of addiction (alcohol, illegal drugs, food, video and gaming, or sex are some common examples)?

Do you know a parent who has a teenager struggling with an addiction?

Do you live in or near Granbury, Texas?

If so, then our church has help for you.  On Saturday, May 6, we are hosting a one-day seminar entitled, “Addictions and Your Teenager.”  The speaker will be Mark Shaw, who is the executive director of Vision of Hope in Lafayette, IN, a counselor with over 20 years of experience with addictions of all types, and a writer of 19 published works, many of which deal with the topic of addictions.

The seminar is free, but if you want to attend you do need to register.

Essential information:

More information and registration is here:

Addictions Seminar

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