What is the Fear of God?

Many years ago I saw a new title by a favored author and I immediately purchased the book for two reasons:  one, I always benefited from all that author’s writings, and two, the book was on the topic of the fear of God, something I had struggled to comprehend as a believer.  So with anticipation […]

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New Biblical Counseling Resource Site

Our church is thrilled to announce the inauguration of a new biblical counseling resource site:  Center for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship. This website is the result of months of planning and design and is another aspect of our desire to equip and train individuals to use the Scriptures well in counseling and discipling others. We […]

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Addictions and Your Teenager

Do you know a teenager who has some form of addiction (alcohol, illegal drugs, food, video and gaming, or sex are some common examples)? Do you know a parent who has a teenager struggling with an addiction? Do you live in or near Granbury, Texas? If so, then our church has help for you.  On […]

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Understanding Christian Psyschology

There are several different approaches to counseling people from a Christian perspective.  One form that is gaining influence among Christians is the Christian Psychology movement.  What is the background to that movement, what is its theology, and how can we biblically evaluate it?  These are some of the questions our associate pastor, Keith Palmer, recently […]

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A proposed name change for NANC

This weekend, Heath Lambert, the executive director elect of NANC announced that next month the board of directors for NANC will be proposing a name change for its organization.  The newly proposed name will be the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).  Lambert outlined three reasons for the name change: Earlier this year, NANC’s board […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from the last week:  Here are two helpful resources on Mormonism: Russell Moore writes how “How Christians Should Engage Latter-day Saints.” The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary hosted a panel discussion on the topic, “The Mormon Moment?  Religious Conviction and the 2012 Election” (audio | video) George Lawson writes that, “Reliable Source Reveals […]

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Book Review: Counseling the Hard Cases

Title:  Counseling the Hard Cases:  True Stories Illustrating the Sufficiency of God’s Resources in Scripture Editors:  Stuart Scott and Heath Lambert Publisher:  B&H, 2012; 318 pp. $32.99 Recommendation (4-star scale):  I’ve been pastoring for over two decades.  I have a deep appreciation for my seminary training and the churches in which I was raised, both […]

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Discipleship Conference

This fall, our church will again be hosting our Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Conference. This conference will be held over three weekends in the months of September (21-22), October (12-13), and November (9-10). This conference fulfills the basic training requirement for becoming a certified counselor through NANC (currently, we are still the only training center […]

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On the topic of work…

This past Sunday, we considered what Paul said to Titus about those who are slaves and how they are to work and specifically, with what kind of motive they are to work — as a testimony to and adornment of the truth of God (i.e., the gospel). Scripture has much to say about the topic […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles and blog posts I’ve spotted recently: Mike Riccardi [“Learning to Suffer Well: Trusting God’s Absolute Sovereignty”] writes, “…when we suffer, we should not seek to save God from His sovereignty. If we do that, we cut the legs out from under the solid, robust theology of God’s absolute sovereignty that we depend […]

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Grab bag

Helpful resources for the growing Christian: Have you ever heard the statement, “I love him, but I don’t like him”?  Me too.  Too often.  Rick Thomas demonstrates the idol behind the statement and how to address it in “Marriage problems.” How to handle public debate among Christians is a growing question and concern, though not […]

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