Grab bag

Some helpful articles recently spotted on the internet: Douglas Groothuis offers wise counsel on listening to sermons in “A short theology of listening.”  An excerpt: Listen . . . with all your might; hear the living and active word. The teaching and preaching of God’s imperishable word is truly a sacred event whereby the Truth […]

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Book blurbs

In the interest of “something is better than nothing,” here are a few blurbs and comments on some books I’ve recently completed reading: Title:  Don’t Call it a Comeback:  The Old Faith for a New Day Author:  Kevin DeYoung (ed.) Publisher:  Crossway, 2011; 252 pp. $16.99 Recommendation (4-star scale):  Kevin DeYoung is fast becoming one […]

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Sunday Leftovers (7/31/11)

In his book Licensed to Kill (a book about the mortification of sin), author Brian Hedges notes: One of the reasons some people fail to benefit from their study of Scripture is that they interpret it in gospel-ignoring, Christ-neglecting ways. Too many never overcome sin because they never benefit from the Bible because they have […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from the last week: The Telegraph provide a lengthy obituary of John Stott:  “He turned his own church, located just a few yards from the headquarters of the BBC, into a showplace for a renewed form of evangelicalism. Strong lay leadership at All Souls set him free to become the trainer of […]

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Biblical counseling training

This fall, our church (Grace Bible Church) will again be hosting a biblical counselor training conference. The 30-hour training, done over 3 weekends during the months of September, October, and November, fulfills the basic training requirement to become certified as a biblical counselor by NANC. The conference is very inexpensive ($75 for all three weekends) […]

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He learned his lesson

First David was being chased relentlessly by Saul.  He was discouraged and evidently despaired of receiving God’s promise of ascending to the throne of Israel.  Then Jonathan came and encouraged his friend in the Lord. But you wonder, don’t you, “did he learn his lesson?”  “Did the truths about God that Jonathan used to strengthen […]

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Courage for the day

To my knowledge, no one has ever wanted to kill me. Oh sure, I’ve had people angry with me. I’ve had people want to use me as a punching bag (a couple did back in the junior high years).  I’ve had people speak to me in angry and hostile tones.  Some have shaken in rage […]

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Grab bag

This week I counted the number of open tabs in my web browser.  It was over 40.  Time for a Grab Bag, me thinks. Many more churches are being proactive in providing biblical counseling for their people and the community (check out the GBCM webpage and the GBC biblical counselor training page as examples).  Capitol […]

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NANC certification complete!

Nearly four years after I began the process, (3 years, 11 months, to be exact), today I completed the NANC certification process. A couple of thoughts about the process: I am grateful for the rigor and demands of the process.  The discipline of study for the basic training and the exams were good for my […]

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Unifying biblical counselors

After the development of the biblical counseling movement under the leadership of Jay Adams a generation ago, that movement has expanded greatly in recent years through organizations like NANC, CCEF, and ABC.  In fact, growth has come so quickly and gone in so many directions that it is sometimes difficult to tell who is who, […]

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When should I confront a brother?

A few days ago, I came across a question, “when is an issue important enough to correct someone?” The issue in that post seemed to be centered on correcting incorrect information (e.g., if something is not true, how often and when should I attempt to correct it?), and in that regard was helpful. However, that […]

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