A proposed name change for NANC

This weekend, Heath Lambert, the executive director elect of NANC announced that next month the board of directors for NANC will be proposing a name change for its organization.  The newly proposed name will be the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).  Lambert outlined three reasons for the name change:

Earlier this year, NANC’s board decided that it would be in the best interests of our association to change the name. There are three reasons we believe a name change is a great step for us. Let me explain them to you.

First, the word nouthetic is a perfectly good Greek word, which most people simply do not understand. Most of us in NANC spend more time explaining the meaning of a Greek word than we intend to when we mention the name of our organization. Once people understand the meaning of the term it does not help us that much. The term means “to confront or admonish,” and this only describes a narrow slice of the kind of counseling endorsed by NANC.…

Second, for nearly 40 years NANC’s primary function has been to certify those people who have been qualified for biblical counseling. At NANC our primary calling is not merely to talk about biblical counseling but to certify those people who know how to do biblical counseling. We believe it is increasingly important to communicate that certification is our fundamental mission and contribution to the biblical counseling world.…

Third, NANC is no longer a national association. As a matter of fact we have certified counselors in 14 countries and that number is growing.

Read the entire announcement at NANC Proposed Name Change or watch Lambert’s announcement:

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