Lavish Love

It was a take-your-breath-away kind of thing to do. It was crazy — though it had been planned, it appeared irrational. It was a waste, or so it seemed. It happened so quickly and unexpectedly that no one tried to stop her.  But given a few moments of reflection and instigated by one comment of […]

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Preparation for Resurrection day

Preparation for Resurrection DayJohn 12:1-11April 2, 2023 Some of the great adventures in the history of the world are the trips men have taken to the moon.  While we look back at the ventures with a sense of awe because of the technology that was used to get astronauts there — the quests were filled […]

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He came in the name of the Lord

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday, and this morning’s Scripture reading (Mark 11) recalls the event of Christ’s ride into Jerusalem. There was much joy that day and declarations from the Psalms of Praise were sung as shouted as Jesus and the crowds processed into Jerusalem. One statements that was called out was, “Blessed is He […]

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