Sermon: For This Purpose I Have Come to This Hour

“For This Purpose I Have Come to This Hour”
John 12:27-36
March 29, 2015 (Palm Sunday)

Today is Palm Sunday. It’s a day to remember that everybody loves Jesus. Everybody loved Jesus on the day He entered Jerusalem riding on the donkey, making His claim to be Messiah. And everybody loves Jesus today.

Except that’s not completely accurate is it?

On that day, as today, everybody loves Jesus if He is the One who will overthrow a tyrannical government. Everybody loves Jesus if He is the miracle worker who makes sick people healthy. Everybody loves Jesus if He gives food to eat to those who are hungry. Everybody loves Jesus if He is a compelling and intriguing teacher. Everybody loves Jesus when He takes small children on His lap to speak with them.

But not everyone loves Jesus. Not everyone loves Jesus when His Messianic claim isn’t about overthrowing governments as much as it is about overthrowing ungodly rulers in my heart. Not everyone loves Jesus when He claims exclusivity — that He alone is sovereign and that He alone must be followed and obeyed. Not everyone loves Jesus when His teaching confronts, challenges, and calls hearers to repentance from sinful behavior. Not everyone loves Jesus when He says that He has come to die and that those who follow Him must die (to themselves and sin) also.

Not everyone loves Jesus.

And after the day that Jesus was acclaimed in Jerusalem, He quickly confronted the adoring crowds and set the record straight about the nature of His coming. His correction particularly began with the simple statement, “For this purpose I came to this hour…” (Jn. 12:27).

What was that purpose? His purpose was to die. You know that. We speak often of the death and resurrection of Christ here; but on this Palm Sunday and communion Sunday, our desire is to again be refreshed and encouraged by the purpose of Christ in His death.

Christ’s purpose on earth was to die for men’s sin.

  1. Christ’s Death Was Purposeful (v. 27)
  2. Christ’s Death was for God’s Glory (vv. 28-30)
  3. Christ’s Death was for Judgment (v. 31)
  4. Christ’s Death was for Salvation (vv. 32-34)
  5. Christ’s Death was Light (vv. 35-36)

Download the rest of this sermon on John 12:27-36.

The audio will be posted on the GBC website later today.

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