Who won the Ham/Nye origins debate?

After last night’s debate on origins between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, the tempting question to ask is, “Who won the debate?” I suspect that both evolutionists and creationists will claim victory by their representative in the debate. But for the believer in Christ the debate isn’t about winning and losing.  It was encouraging to […]

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Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate

On Tuesday, Ken Ham will debate Bill Nye on the topic of origins.  The event will take place in Cincinnati at the Creation Science museum.  However, it will also be live streamed at debatelive.org. Our church will stream this event in our sanctuary — and if needed we have other rooms set aside to receive […]

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Grab bag

Russell Moore answers the question, “Is My Music Warping My Child?” Two points he makes, and one reaction of my own — Lyrics are influential — they shape the way we think about the issues of life, so liberty cannot be applied indiscriminately to music choices. Music becomes a parent’s opportunity to be intentional about […]

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Grab Bag

A list of collected resources, interesting articles, and even an opportunity or two from the last week: Allister Begg’s conference for pastors is always interesting and helpful.  I’ve listened to the audio for the last two or three years, and this year one of the speakers is a guy named Piper.  Hmmm.  I won’t be […]

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Creation, evolution, and apologies

It has interested me over the past few years to see a growing trend for groups to offer “apologies” to other groups or individuals who may not even be alive, for sins that were not committed by the apologizing group.  The whole truth about confession and forgiveness is horribly muddled in the whole process: Biblically […]

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