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  • Russell Moore answers the question, “Is My Music Warping My Child?” Two points he makes, and one reaction of my own —
    • Lyrics are influential — they shape the way we think about the issues of life, so liberty cannot be applied indiscriminately to music choices.
    • Music becomes a parent’s opportunity to be intentional about shaping the thought and worldview of a child — he didn’t just tell his boys, “that’s bad music…” but listened to it with them and analyzed the content, theology and philosophy of the music.
    • (my thought)  The principles he suggests for parents guiding their children’s music choices are not just good for parents and children.  These principles are good for every believer evaluating the kinds of things his mind ingests and meditates on through music.
  • HisMagnificence has three (free) downloadable .pdf books that will equip you to pray more effectively for your family (and who can’t use more help in praying biblically?):
    • Water of the Word — a prayer-book for husbands who want to intercede for their wives with Biblical truth.
    • Prayers of an Excellent wife — a prayer-book for wives who want to pray biblically for their husbands.
    • Setting Their Hope in God — a prayer-book for parents who want to pray biblical prayers for their children.
  • This Sunday marks the 493rd anniversary of Luther’s posting of his 95 theses on the Castle Church door in Wittenberg — an event that is generally considered to be the beginning of the reformation.  This week Justin Taylor just completed a five-part series entitled, “Luther and Marriage.” It’s worth reading to get a little more insight into this important man in our spiritual heritage.
  • Another Reformer (and martyr) you should know:  Rowland Taylor.  More of his story is told in J. C. Ryle’s compelling book, Five English Reformers.
  • Al Mohler offers another critique of authors, professors, and theologians who are suggesting that “Science Trumps the Bible.” He demonstrates that it is not progress to deny biblical texts and assertions to affirm scientific theories.
  • The USA Today, offering information from a recently released book by two Baylor University professors, says that “Americans’ views of God shape attitudes on key issues.” It is an interesting read, revealing more of our nation’s real heart.
  • Desiring God reveals “What It Means to Have a Hard Heart.” A hard heart is one that has no affection and no compassion.  It’s short.  Read it.
  • David Powlison “debates” Herman Bavinck — “Did Adam and Eve Have a Conscience Before the Fall?”
  • Tim Challies contemplates “The Truth About Wikipedia” (and “More Truth…”).  Is Wikipedia helpful or harmful?  Yes.

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