Sing for Joy

There are (seemingly) many reasons to be discouraged: The economy My economy Personal conflicts (especially the unresolved kinds) Temptations Suffering — both significant (cancer, totaled cars, lost jobs) and insignificant (four red lights in a row, paper cuts, lost computer files) Physical weakness Family concerns — marital needs, young children needing training and discipline, teenage […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from the last week: Jon Bloom explains why “God is Merciful Not to Tell Us Everything: “Can you imagine how the disciples might have felt if the Lord had explained to them that he would not assume his earthly reign for another 2,000-plus years, during which the Church would gradually and with […]

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Around God’s throne

Read Isaiah 6:1-5 or Revelation 4-5. Then read this new hymn by Jeremy Walker, “A Mighty Host of Angels Stands:” A mighty host of angels stands Around Christ’s throne in heaven; Their sinless tongues extol his worth, All praise to him is given; With awe recount his mighty works, His face behold with wonder, Lift […]

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My Hope Is In You, Lord

Here is a new song by Aaron Shust:  “My Hope is in You.”  The song is a powerful testimony in itself.  But its testimony is amplified when one knows that the video was produced by Vinegar Hill, a company founded by Ian Murphy, husband of Larissa. Watch and listen:

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from around the internet: Justin Taylor offers “Eight Reasons Why My Anxiety is Pointless and Foolish.” In “Pray the Scriptures,” Scotty Smith confesses, I am a recovering self-centered pragmatic pray-er — a believer who spent many of my first years in Christ thinking of God more as a sugar daddy than the […]

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Something unexpected on my iPod

Those who know my musical tastes (think Beethoven, Mozart, and Handel for “secular” music and Michael Card, Fernando Ortega, and the Gettys for Christian music), might be as surprised as my daughter was the other day to find Shai Linne on my iPod. Christian rap is not something I listen to with regularity, but I […]

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Book Sales

February must be the month for Christian book sales.  Check out these excellent offers: Sovereign Grace Ministries. is selling books, music CDs and music downloads at big discounts. Desiring God has a number of their books at drastically reduced prices. And Westminster Books has all of the Nine Marks books at 50% off.

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles I’ve spotted around the internet recently: John Knight reminds us about the subtle ways in which the agenda of abortion is pushed in the media. “Three continents. Six children dead. Every headline mistaken.” is a tragic tale of the death’s of six innocent children, and a sorrowful demonstration of how far the understanding […]

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Grab bag

Found recently around the internet: A new album from Sovereign Grace — “Risen.” You can listen to every track — and then purchase it as a download for only $5.  What I’ve heard so far sounds good. There is much digital ink being spilled (digitized?) over Rob Bell’s latest book.  Many good and biblical responses […]

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A new Getty song

The Gettys are releasing a new song entitled, “Kyrie Eleison (Lord Have Mercy).  Here it is performed by the Christ Church choir in Nashville, TN: Go to Gettymusic for more information.

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Grab bag

A few things spotted recently around the web: John Piper’s 8-month leave of absence ended at the end of December.  Last Sunday he resumed preaching with the sermon, “Our Deepest Prayer: Hallowed Be Your Name.”  He also wrote an article entitled, “Why I Am Full of Hope About Bethlehem’s Future,” and while it is written […]

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Sunday Leftovers (12/5/10)

One final thought about music and worship comes courtesy of John Piper: We must make it our aim that the joy awakened by music be joy in God.  Not all pleasures of music are pleasures in God.  Then the effort to delight in God through music will involve a prior shaping of the mind by […]

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