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A few things spotted recently around the web:

  • John Piper’s 8-month leave of absence ended at the end of December.  Last Sunday he resumed preaching with the sermon, “Our Deepest Prayer: Hallowed Be Your Name.”  He also wrote an article entitled, “Why I Am Full of Hope About Bethlehem’s Future,” and while it is written to encourage his church about their immediate future, the biblical principles he offers about hoping in God are appropriate for every believer.  You can also read this brief synopsis of his leave.
  • Do you ever feel like not praying?  Sure.  Me too.  Here is a prayer from Scotty Smith when you don’t feel like praying.  Read it.  Pray it.  And I think you will be encouraged to pray again.
  • What does a man who is about to be martyred for his faith write to his wife?  Guy de Bres, author of the Belgic Confession of faith was martyred on May 31, 1567.  Seven weeks earlier he wrote this letter to his wife to prepare and comfort her.  This remarkable letter includes the following statement:

And I pray you, my dear and faithful companion, to join me in thanking God for what he has done. For he does nothing that is not just and very equitable, and you should believe that it is for my good and for my peace. You have seen and felt my labours, cross, persecutions, and afflictions which I have endured, and have even had a part in them when you accompanied me in my travels during the time of my exile. Now my God has extended his hand to receive me into his blessed kingdom. I shall see it before you and when it shall please the Lord, you will follow me. This separation is not for all time. The Lord will receive you also to join us together again in our head, Jesus Christ.

  • Justin Taylor recounts some of C. S. Lewis’ advice on writing well.
  • Need to fill up that new e-reader?  Here are many excellent works from some of our favorite Puritans (Kindle and ePub formats).  Free.
  • A number of authors and pastors offered there opinions on the top ten books of 2010.
  • I’ve seen this book offered as one of the finest on prayer in several different places.  It might be time to purchase The Hidden Life of Prayer.
  • Justin Taylor reflects on the relationship between “balloon boy” and abortion.
  • Speaking of abortion, here is a very disturbing article about the prevelence of abortion in NYC.  This should be read in light of the coming 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade later this month.
  • Earlier this month I noted several Bible reading plans.  Here is a list of 50 Bible reading plans.  Different versions and different kinds of reading.  Just pick on and read and meditate.
  • Bob Kauflin makes the observation that, “Good gifts can become gods.  Music turns from a gift to a god when we look to it for the joy, comfort, power & satisfaction only God can give. Here are 5 indicators that might be happening…”  Read the entire blog post.

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