What is Gratitude?

What is gratitude?  It’s more than only saying, “thank you” for blessings received, as John Piper explains: …gratitude that is pleasing to God is not first a delight in the benefits God gives (though that will be part of it). True gratitude must be rooted in something else that comes firstnamely, a delight in the […]

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The Gospel in a few words

“…to believe the gospel is not only to accept the awesome truths that 1) God is holy, 2) we are hopeless sinners, 3) Christ died and rose again for sinners, and 4) this great salvation is enjoyed by faith in Christ-but believing the gospel is also to treasure Jesus Christ as your unsearchable riches. What […]

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Be killing anger

At our recent men’s retreat, we were taught the principle of mortifying sin and the flesh by Stuart Scott.  I thought back to that event when I read the following statement this afternoon from John Piper: “In marriage, anger rivals lust as a killer. My guess is that anger is a worse enemy than lust. […]

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Grab bag

“A Stunning Scale of Our Solar System, Drawn in the Dessert.” Then read Genesis 1 and Psalm 8. I’ve not seen the movie, “The Risen,” but here is a review that appears to be quite helpful. Samuel James posted “Some Thoughts on Christians, Movies, and Nudity.” And then some more thoughts.  These are helpful and […]

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The fight against sin

The battle against sin is a battle that is fought and won or lost in the mind.  Long before any of us sins in any way we have lost the battle against that sin in our minds.  And before we ever decisively act against any sin with our bodies, we have won the battle against […]

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The “curse” of work

The curse under which we live today is not that we must work. The curse is that, in our work, we struggle with weariness and frustration and calamities and anxiety. And all this is doubly burdensome because now by this very toil we must keep ourselves alive. ‘In toil you shall eat of the ground.…In […]

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New book from John Piper

Crossway has just released John Piper’s latest biography, Seeing Beauty and Saying Beautifully:  The Power of Poetic Effort in the Work of George Herbert, George Whitefield, and C. S. Lewis. Here is what Desiring God has to say about the release of this book: Herbert. Whitefield. Lewis. In the sixth volume of The Swans Are […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from the last week: You may have made a resolution this week about your Bible reading for this year.  Here is some good counsel for “How to read the whole Bible in 2014” (including a variety of Bible reading plans) by Justin Taylor.  I’ve also posted several plans for our church here.  […]

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Believing in Jesus means…

John Piper, “Preaching as Worship:” Believing in Jesus means coming to Him for the quenching of our souls’ thirst.  Faith in Jesus is being satisfied with all that God is for us in Jesus.  When we experience that, we magnify the preciousness and worth of God, because God is most glorified in us when we […]

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Grab bag

“When Your World Caves In” (Paul Levy) — a sober reminder of the cost of sin in general and the cost (and protection against) sexual sin in particular:  “Recently I’ve spent some time with two friends who were in ministry but have fallen morally and so now find themselves out of a job that they loved, […]

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Theology deals for your Kindle

Several excellent theological resources are available for a short time for your Kindle — many of them published by Crossway.  Consider these examples: A God Entranced Vision of All Things: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards ed. by John Piper & Justin Taylor ($1.99) Jonathan Edwards and Justification ed. by Josh Moody ($3.99) God’s Grand Design […]

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