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Some helpful articles from the last week: Jon Bloom explains why “God is Merciful Not to Tell Us Everything: “Can you imagine how the disciples might have felt if the Lord had explained to them that he would not assume his earthly reign for another 2,000-plus years, during which the Church would gradually and with […]

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Some helpful articles from around the internet: Justin Taylor offers “Eight Reasons Why My Anxiety is Pointless and Foolish.” In “Pray the Scriptures,” Scotty Smith confesses, I am a recovering self-centered pragmatic pray-er — a believer who spent many of my first years in Christ thinking of God more as a sugar daddy than the […]

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Some helpful articles from the last week: Kevin DeYoung gives us something to think about:  “I’ve learned over the years that the simplest way to judge gray areas in the Christian life like movies, television, and music is to ask one simple question: can I thank God for this?…” John Piper wrote a teenager about […]

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A few things spotted recently around the web: John Piper’s 8-month leave of absence ended at the end of December.  Last Sunday he resumed preaching with the sermon, “Our Deepest Prayer: Hallowed Be Your Name.”  He also wrote an article entitled, “Why I Am Full of Hope About Bethlehem’s Future,” and while it is written […]

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Wanna date my daughters???

Thabiti Anyabwile’s friend Fred Zaspel has an insightful funny bone when it comes to thinking about dating his daughters. First, Dad has some rules about life and the young man who might want to date his daughters (click the picture):   And then he has a helpful application (click the picture): Amidst the humorous manner […]

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Technology and your soul

Whether we like it or not, or use it or not, the advancement of technological influences in our lives is here to stay. This is the conclusion of a recent report done by the Kaiser Family Foundation, and cited by Al Mohler in a blog post this morning.  The essence of the report is that […]

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Today’s Quote – Adolescence (Adams)

Jay Adams, The Journal of Modern Ministry (Fall 2006): One factor hindering proper training in this area is the increasing social acceptance of childhood rebellion, and teenage rebellion in particular.  Many parents have been duped into thinking that their children will inevitably rebel and that nothing can be done to stop it.  This causes hopelessness […]

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Television, the mind, and conduct

The headline might as well have said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he…” (Prov. 23:7) Instead, yesterday’s headline said, “Study links teen pregnancy to sexy TV shows.” The short version of the story is that a recent study conducted by Pediatrics found that there is a much higher incidence of pregnancy […]

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Better (Teenage) Saints

How shall we parent and shepherd our teens so that they will walk faithfully with God? In his most recent “Taste and See” column, John Piper interacts with two recent books and draws the conclusion that “Good Doctrine Makes Better (Teenage) Saints.” A sample statement: “…even though growing a church by serious teaching of biblical […]

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