Technology and your soul

Whether we like it or not, or use it or not, the advancement of technological influences in our lives is here to stay.

This is the conclusion of a recent report done by the Kaiser Family Foundation, and cited by Al Mohler in a blog post this morning.  The essence of the report is that children and teens now spend an average of 7-1/2 hours per day engaged in the use of some form of technology and media (cell phone, internet, television, video games, mp3 players, and books).  And in that 7-1/2 hours, they are exposed to over 11 hours of media (think serious multi-tasking!).

But it’s not just the kids who are connected to technological leashes.  As Mohler notes, it’s about Moms and Dads, too:

The report also offers a portrait of the media-saturated character of the average American home. That home now contains an average of 3.8 televisions, 2.8 DVD or VCR players, at least one digital video recorder, two computers, 2.3 console video game players, and assorted other media devices ranging from CD players to radios. In an amazing percentage of these homes, the television is on virtually every waking hour.

Now there are many implications for this constant- and over-exposure to too many voices of influence.  But the big one is this:

What is the impact of all this media saturation on the soul? Of course, that is a question that must be posed to America’s adults, as well as to our children and adolescents. At the same time, parents bear a responsibility many are clearly forfeiting.

We do well to ask that question with all sincerity — not just querying the impact of technology on our children, but what all these voices virtually everyone hears all day is doing to their soul and the cultivation of their fellowship with and submission to their Father in heaven.

What is the impact of hundreds of texts each day?  Of non-stop television, “informing” our consciences?  Of instant attention to too many emails?  Of so much music and sermons and blogs that there is no time for quiet, undistracted contemplation of Biblical truth, never mind even the simple reading of Scripture?  Of no rest from a ringing phone?

What is the impact of all these messages and technology on our soul, indeed?

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