I am Christ’s

As followers of Christ, we do not always reckon well the provision of Christ for us.  In this brief meditation, Philip Dodderidge helps us consciously meditate on our position in Christ and some of the infinite blessings that flow from the cross: I am yours!Your mercy is mine to pardon me.Your blood is mine to […]

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Q&A: Forgiveness

Q:  What does it mean when you say, “We forgive from the heart when confession is not made (Mark 11:25).”  This seems to run counter to statements about transacted forgiveness when someone asks for forgiveness by acknowledging sin and one grants forgiveness based on that request.  Could you please clarify this as I am a […]

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God’s merciful use of sin

You are aware of the saying, “You can be anything you want to be; you can do anything you want to do, if you just try hard enough.” I am intentionally working to burst bubbles and change thinking when I say, “Bologna.”  That saying is just wrong.  Completely wrong.  And foolish.  And deceiving.  And hopeless […]

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The blessedness of forgiveness

Wednesdays with Watson is a weekly reading taken from my favorite Puritan writer, Thomas Watson.  This week’s selection is taken from The Godly Man’s Picture. “For this cause shall everyone who is godly pray unto you.” (Psalm 32:6) Holy David at the beginning of this psalm, shows us wherein true happiness consists; not in beauty, […]

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I confess

I confess I find confession hard. Don’t we all? There is nothing easy about admitting one is wrong.  And compounding the difficulty of confession is the further requirement to ask for forgiveness from the one to whom we are confessing.  And when we confess to the Lord, it additionally requires a desire to change — […]

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Sermon: I Will Confess

I Will Confess Psalm 32 February 22, 2015 At least according to some researchers, a famous line from the 1970 film, “Love Story” really is true. In the movie, the character played by Ali MacGraw tells the character played by Ryan O’Neal, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” As a side note, it […]

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Dear Ann Landers: A few years ago, I committed a crime (a misdemeanor).  I was arrested and charged.  Since I had never been in trouble before, my lawyer had my record expunged.  Will this show up on a police background check?  I’m looking for a job and want to be sure my prospective employers won’t […]

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The forgiveness of God

Stephen Charnock: If God did delight in the death of Christ, it was not surely simply in his death; for could a father delight to tear out the bowels of his son? The afflictions of his people go to his heart; much more would the sufferings of his darling. God had more delight in forgiveness […]

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Pardon from sin

Stephen Charnock: [When a sinner is pardoned] the greatest evil is taken away, sin, and the dreadful consequents of it. Other evils are temporal, but those know no period in a doleful eternity. There is more evil in sin, than good in all the creatures. Sin stripped the fallen angels of their excellency, and dispossessed […]

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Sunday Leftovers — Beyond Forgiveness

Genuine and complete forgiveness is more than just transacting forgiveness.  There are further implications when we forgive those who sin against us.  Forgiveness means that we will go beyond what is “required” (Philemon 21). Remember, forgiveness is granted in two ways:  forgiveness is transacted when a sinner confesses his sin to the one he has […]

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He really forgives!

I was about eight years old.  It was Saturday morning.  My little brother was still in bed.  Cartoons were on TV.  All was right with the world.  Except that while my eyes were looking at the television, they weren’t seeing the cartoons.  My mind was preoccupied with a problem.  What if I died?  Would I […]

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This isn’t hard to understand

Some books of the Bible are difficult to understand.  In some Epistles, the flow of thought is somewhat obscured by complex structure.  In some historical narratives, there are accounts of strange events that leave us wondering how to interpret and apply them (see Judges 19, for one example).  In many of the prophets there are […]

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Why God forgives

The sin of all men is great. We may choose to compare ourselves with others and suppose that we are “not so bad,” but set against the firm criteria of perfection (Mt. 5:48), all men are desperately sinful.  There are no exceptions to that statement. The psalmist underscores that truth when he says, “If You, […]

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