He’s about forgiveness

Some things never change. Ask the bystander on the street (or in the mall) about Jesus and it might be said that He was a wise teacher, or an inspiring model to follow, or a moderate political activist, or a social reformer, or a compassionate servant and healer.  But few will address the reason Christ […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from the last week or two: Ten “Wives Speak Out” about their role in marriage and their practice of submission in their marriages. I find myself gravitating more to biographies these days — and here are two new ones on theologian Charles Hodge that appear interesting. Kevin DeYoung takes a closer look […]

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What your sin does for you

Here is one value of sin — redemption from it stimulates our heart to love Christ more deeply than those who are not redeemed: We are now capable of a joy which unfallen spirits could not have known: the bliss of pardoned sin, the heaven of deep conscious obligation to eternal mercy. The bonds which […]

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Re-thinking forgiveness

For a word that is so deeply biblical, there is far too much unbiblical thinking and talking being done about forgiveness.  And it is not only unbelievers who are communicating poorly about this rich truth.  Believers also seem confused about the nature of forgiveness. This morning I came across two articles that address the topic […]

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The power of the gospel

Of First Importance publishes a quote each day that relates to the power of the gospel.  Here are a few recent ones that have particularly encouraged my heart: I never despair of anyone becoming a decided Christian, whatever he may have been in days gone by. I know how great the change is from death […]

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Grab bag

There has been much discussion lately in the Christian blogosphere about Hell and its duration (more comments coming at a later date).  As Desiring God noted this morning, this is not a new discussion.  And it predates DG’s conference in 1990 by many centuries as well! Paul Tripp continues his thoughts about the grace of […]

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Forgiveness and communion

The practice of communion is not only a fundamental activity of the church, but it is also an indicator of the spiritual health of a believer — including his fellowship with other believers and his trust in God’s work in his life in past events. Your willingness to forgive is directly related to your remembering […]

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When should I confront a brother?

A few days ago, I came across a question, “when is an issue important enough to correct someone?” The issue in that post seemed to be centered on correcting incorrect information (e.g., if something is not true, how often and when should I attempt to correct it?), and in that regard was helpful. However, that […]

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Grab bag

A few things spotted on the web that have caught my interest of late: I’ve been thinking more about the relationship between social justice and evangelism lately.  Here is a brief video interview with John Piper on the topic. The Gospel Coalition has several brief articles on the same topic of social justice and evangelism […]

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Who is like God?

This morning I read this question that the prophet Micah directed towards God — “Who is a God like You?…” (7:18). The prophet further went on to define the character and nature of God — He is a God “who pardons iniquity and passes over the rebellious act of the remnant of His possession.”  What […]

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How specific should confession be?

Using David’s sin with Bathsheba as an illustration, David Powlison answers the commonly asked question, “how specific should my confession be (particularly with sexual sin)?” Summary: There should be no doubt about the nature of the sin — it is crystal clear what happened and allow the reality of the sin to be faced. There […]

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