Counseling and first impressions

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression.  Bad first impressions can be corrected, strengthened, or supplemented so that initial miscues aren’t lasting failures. As first impressions go, Job’s friends were masterful.  When Job’s tragic circumstances became known, his friends came immediately to be with him (Job 2:11).  No delay, no mental hesitation, […]

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Treat others…how?

 Grace Slan lived and died in a secret world where time stood still. When police entered her two-room flat in London they thought they had stepped into another era, a museum exhibit or a film set. Outside, planes buzzed overhead and traffic jammed city streets.  Inside, the 81-year-old woman lived in a dark, solitary world […]

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A better friend

Philip Melanchthon had evidently been complaining to his friend Martin Luther about some problems he was facing.  Martin Luther wrote him back some direct counsel (June 27, 1530).  I need friends like this and I need to be unafraid to be this kind of friend: Those great cares by which you say you are consumed […]

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Do friends let friends sin?

There is a cultural sentiment that if you love someone then you will not confront that person’s sinful choices.  To do so is profoundly unloving, the thinking goes.  Yet if we love one another, we will still abhor sin and cling to everything good (Rom. 12:9).  And that is true of our relationships as well. […]

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Grab bag

This week I counted the number of open tabs in my web browser.  It was over 40.  Time for a Grab Bag, me thinks. Many more churches are being proactive in providing biblical counseling for their people and the community (check out the GBCM webpage and the GBC biblical counselor training page as examples).  Capitol […]

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God as our friend

Thinking more about yesterday’s topic of friendship:  since it is true that the greatest friend is the One who is the friend to sinners, then what ought our response be to Him, and what kind of friend is He? The puritan James Janeway answers both those questions: It is the duty of man to acquaint […]

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In need of friends

Recently I finished reading Stephen Ambrose’ book, Comrades.  In this volume he briefly explores the lives of a number of men and their friends.  Some of the men are well known — Dwight Eisenhower, George Custer, Richard Nixon, and Lewis and Clark.  Others are lesser known — his relationships with his own brothers, friends, and […]

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