God as our friend

Thinking more about yesterday’s topic of friendship:  since it is true that the greatest friend is the One who is the friend to sinners, then what ought our response be to Him, and what kind of friend is He?

The puritan James Janeway answers both those questions:

It is the duty of man to acquaint himself with God…because therein is the improvement of His highest excellency…Now what is this excellency of man?  Is it not that he is made in a capacity of knowing God, and enjoying God, and having communion with God?  This is the height of glory.…

[Herein is] the nature of the Person that I would have you know.

First, He is the most loving and kind Friend…Secondly, He is a most comfortable Friend…Thirdly, He is the most able and powerful Friend…Fourthly, He is the most active Friend…Fifthly, He is the most humble and condescending Friend…the most faithful Friend…a rich Friend…a sympathizing Friend…the most patient Friend…an honourable Friend…a suitable Friend…a wise Friend…an immortal Friend…a present Friend, that is always in all places…a soul-Friend…a necessary Friend…a tried Friend…an everlasting Friend…One that is willing and desirous to be acquainted with you. [Quoted in A Golden Treasury of Puritan Devotion]

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