Today’s Quote (11/2/08)

John Piper, Pleasures of God: God elects, predestines, and secures for one great ultimate purpose — that the glory of his grace might be praised forever and ever with white-hot affection.  This is why God delights in election.  It is the great first work of free grace that takes away the final refuge of human […]

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Book Review: Spectacular Sins

Yesterday evening I was telling Elizabeth that I’d read John Piper’s latest book, Spectacular Sins, on the plane trip to visit my Dad and brother this weekend.  “Spectacular sins?” she queried in response.  “Is John Piper still okay?” So I explained the title — it is not that he is inferring that the sins in […]

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Today’s Quote (9/26/08)

John Piper, Spectacular Sins: All that came into being exists for Christ — that is, everything exists to display the greatness of Christ.  Nothing — nothing! — in the universe exists for its own sake,  Everything — from the bottom of the oceans to the top of the mountains, from that smallest particle to the […]

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Sunday Leftovers (4/15/07)

What you believe is reflected in what you do and how you do it. Everything you do reveals something about your belief system. Those two statements are important for individuals and churches as they make decisions about the future. To that end, we have identified a number of truths that are crucial to us as […]

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