Today’s Quote – Magnify God (Piper)

John Piper, “Jesus Christ and the Rescue of Joy, Part 1:”

That word “magnify” is tricky.  Because microscopes magnify and telescopes magnify.  And they do something very different.  Magnify with a microscope and you mike a very tiny little thing look bigger than it is.  If you try to magnify God that way, you blaspheme.  He’s not little.  You can’t make God look bigger than He is. You try, you blaspheme.  A telescope, on the other hand, is designed to make things that are enormous, but look little, look more like they are.  That’s the way you’re supposed to magnify God.  God created us to display His glory — to make it look more like it really is.…believer or unbeliever, that’s why you’re on the planet.

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