An “Amazing Grace” Story

This morning, Pastor Keith Palmer reminded us of the significance of the hymn “Amazing Grace.”  The most commonly sung hymn in the world was sung for the first time 250 years ago today — January 1, 1773. There is no way to recount how many times I have sung the hymn or heard it sung […]

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Praying for Ukraine

Note:  This article was updated on March 3, from its original post on February 25. I have been graced to be able to take several trips overseas to teach the Scriptures:  Cambodia, Germany, Uganda, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, and Dubai.  When the opportunity to travel and teach is given, my first response is to ask my […]

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Reflections on teaching overseas

Last week, Pastor Dan Kirk and I taught a course on Marriage and Family Counseling for the Gulf Theological Seminary in Dubai, UAE.  The president of the seminary is Eric Zeller, a longtime friend and ministry co-laborer who we began supporting nearly a decade ago.  The course was part of an emphasis GTS is making […]

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Reflections on my recent trip

I arrived home from my trip with Eric Mock (SGA) and Pastor Dan Kirk to teach biblical counseling in Ukraine and Israel almost two weeks ago.  I’m over the jet lag, back into my regular routine, and have had some time to reflect on the trip.  Here are some things for which I am grateful: […]

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Why study prophecy?

Over the 20 years of my pastorate, I’ve been asked numerous times to teach or preach on the book of Revelation or the topic of eschatology.  Most often, it has seemed, the interest was because world events indicated that, “the return of Christ must be soon!” and there was a corresponding curiosity to determine if […]

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Leaving for Costa Rica

This afternoon my high-school aged daughter and I are leaving for a week-long trip to minister with missionaries that our church has supported in Costa Rica for more than 20 years. I will be teaching a two-day conference on the topic of eschatology on Thursday and Friday evenings, preaching to a young adults gathering on […]

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Additions coming next week

My schedule while preparing to teach and teaching has been quite full, allowing little blogging time. The teaching has now concluded, and we made it through the book of Matthew in four days! (And only went about five minutes over at the end, too!) I will have some reflections on the teaching and the impact […]

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Teaching in Germany

Yesterday and today (Tuesday and Wednesday), we’ve been teaching through the book of Matthew. We have about four hours each morning (9:30 – 1:30) and have made it through the introductory material and chapters 1-13.  That gives us Thursday and Friday to complete the book — I think we’ll make it! The students (about 15-16) […]

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Visit to Wittenberg

Yesterday we traveled to Wittenberg. It was an extra day built into the schedule to allow us to acclimate to the time change associated with traveling across the ocean before starting to teach today. I have to confess, that the anticipation of going to Wittenberg was a big attraction of this trip for me.  It […]

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Yesterday in Wittenberg

Yesterday we traveled to Wittenberg — the site where Luther nailed his 95 theses on the church door and also maintained a long-term ministry.  We toured his home and the two churches of interest — where he pastored and where he posted his theses.  I took many pictures.  It was a wonderful day. And then […]

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Arrived in Germany

Dad and I arrived today in Berlin — flight was quite early and enabled us to get a nice German meal for lunch (sauerbraten for me) and then go on to a worship service at Crossway International Baptist Church in Berlin.  It is an English-speaking church designed to minister to ex-pats living in Berlin along with nationals […]

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