Set free

In 1864, having served as a slave for 32 years, Jourdan Anderson escaped with his wife Amanda from their master, Colonel P.H. Anderson.  They went to Ohio where Jourdan found work as a free man, finally able to support his family. A year later, Jourdan received a letter from P. H., asking him to return […]

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Books to encourage your sanctification

Romans 12-13 is about some everyday practices in the believer’s life that need sanctification.  Both the first verses (12:1-2) and the last verse (13:14) of that section emphasize the basic steps of sanctification: Aggressively put off sin Joyfully put on Christ and righteous replacements of sin Intentionally cultivate a renewed way of thinking To help […]

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Prayer and temptation

I’ve been to the Grand Canyon once.  I was in my early 20s and was just there for one afternoon while on a cross-country trip.  Because I wasn’t sure when or if I would ever return, I took many pictures.  But I wanted only the pure beauty of the canyon; I didn’t want man-made objects […]

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Help for mortifying the flesh

This morning I finished preaching a brief series on the mortification of the flesh (Rom. 8:12-13 and Col. 3:1-17). Fighting against remaining sin is the greatest difficulty in the believer’s life and the greatest opportunity to experience the sufficient power of Christ and the Spirit. As I have studied and thought about this topic over […]

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Sermon: Life Against the Flesh

Life in the Spirit, Life Against the Flesh Romans 8:12-13 September 30, 2018 One of the hardest parts of the spiritual life is dealing with the daily reality that we are in a fight. Spiritual maturity does not come easily. Sin rarely waves the white flag of surrender. The flesh often proposes a truce with […]

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Be killing anger

At our recent men’s retreat, we were taught the principle of mortifying sin and the flesh by Stuart Scott.  I thought back to that event when I read the following statement this afternoon from John Piper: “In marriage, anger rivals lust as a killer. My guess is that anger is a worse enemy than lust. […]

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Grab bag

“A Stunning Scale of Our Solar System, Drawn in the Dessert.” Then read Genesis 1 and Psalm 8. I’ve not seen the movie, “The Risen,” but here is a review that appears to be quite helpful. Samuel James posted “Some Thoughts on Christians, Movies, and Nudity.” And then some more thoughts.  These are helpful and […]

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The fight against sin

The battle against sin is a battle that is fought and won or lost in the mind.  Long before any of us sins in any way we have lost the battle against that sin in our minds.  And before we ever decisively act against any sin with our bodies, we have won the battle against […]

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The repentant are sin-haters

Wednesdays with Watson is a weekly reading taken from my favorite Puritan writer, Thomas Watson.  This week’s selection is from The Doctrine of Repentance, chapter 4: “The Nature of True Repentance.” The fifth ingredient in repentance is hatred of sin. The Schoolmen distinguished a two-fold hatred: hatred of abominations, and hatred of enmity. Firstly, there […]

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Stop letting sin reign

The father had been busy all week and made a plan to have a special time with his son. So Saturday morning, off they went. First stop? The donut shop. A few minutes later they were headed down the road. “Dad, can I hold the donut holes?” An interesting proposition that was fraught with possibilities! […]

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