A strategy for living

…what we have here in this psalm [Psalm 27] is what we may well call ‘a strategy for living’, how to face the battle and the conflict in life.…we must always start in heaven and with God. Then, having done that, we come down to earth and face the problems of life and of living […]

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Benefits of marital problems

Jay Adams, Solving Marriage Problems: The pressures of marriage…have a way of bringing out defects.  You can’t place two sinners — even redeemed ones — under the same roof, at close range, day after day without such pressures.  And they are often great enough to expose problems not previously apparent.  Although a young couple may […]

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When you are in trouble

There are a number of ideas about David’s circumstances in Psalm 27, but no one is certain what actually was happening to him.  But one thing is certain — he was tempted to despair.  Notice all the different phrases he used to indicate the oppression he was under:  fear (vv. 1, 3), dread (think “panicked […]

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Today’s Quote (10/4/08)

Al Mohler, “Preaching With the Culture in View” in Preaching the Cross: “Most Americans believe that their major problem is something that has happened to them, and that their solution is to be found within. In other words, they believe that they have an alien problem that is to be resolved with an inner solution. […]

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