A strategy for living

Todays Quote…what we have here in this psalm [Psalm 27] is what we may well call ‘a strategy for living’, how to face the battle and the conflict in life.…we must always start in heaven and with God. Then, having done that, we come down to earth and face the problems of life and of living as we find them in the light of what we have already seen in heaven with God.…Never start with your problems, never! Never start with earth; never start with men. Always start in heaven; always start with God. That is really the one great message of the psalm…The one thing with which we must always start is our relationship to God. The whole trouble in the world today is due to the fact that that has been forgotten. People always start with themselves, with the world, with life, and with their problems. This is true of all who are not Christians and that is why they never succeed. They have already started in a wrong way and it must inevitably lead to failure.  [Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Enjoying the Presence of God]

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