Grab bag

Some helpful articles I’ve seen recently: There’s an elephant in the room, except everyone is talking about this one.  James MacDonald recently hosted his “Elephant Room 2” dialog, and invited T. D. Jakes (who has been understood to hold to the heretical view of modalism, regarding the Trinity, not to mention being in the camp […]

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A sermon do-over

Every preacher has them:  sermons that they realized after-the-fact that they did the worst thing that can be done in a sermon.  They missed the point of the passage. I’ve had at least my fair share of them.  But one stands towering over all the others in my mind.  I remember studying that week, wondering […]

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Grab Bag

A list of collected resources, interesting articles, and even an opportunity or two from the last week: Allister Begg’s conference for pastors is always interesting and helpful.  I’ve listened to the audio for the last two or three years, and this year one of the speakers is a guy named Piper.  Hmmm.  I won’t be […]

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