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Click here for more "Grab bag" entriesSome helpful articles I’ve seen recently:

  • There’s an elephant in the room, except everyone is talking about this one.  James MacDonald recently hosted his “Elephant Room 2” dialog, and invited T. D. Jakes (who has been understood to hold to the heretical view of modalism, regarding the Trinity, not to mention being in the camp of health, wealth, and prosperity preachers) to participate.  That invitation and subsequent event set off no small amount of discussion in the blogosphere, which Mike Riccardi has chronicled well in “Herding the Elephants.”
  • The Master’s College Recently hosted its annual Truth and Life Conference.  This year’s plenary speakers were John MacArthur, Thabite Anyabwile, and Kevin DeYoung.  The audio may be downloaded for free here. (Previous years are also available.)
  • Tim Challies helps us think through what is “Successful Evangelism:”

“…how can we determine when we have evangelized successfully? I contend that it is very easy to know. If we have shared the Good News, if we have shared the message of sin, death, Savior and forgiveness, we have evangelized successfully, for we have done the very thing Christ commanded. We cannot and must not evaluate our efforts in the light of who responds to the message.”

  • The publication of Mark Driscoll’s book about marriage has stirred up much debate about how the church is to talk about marital sex. While many have written on the topic, I’ve appreciated Jerry Wragg’s three-part series, “Of Strawmen and Shameful Speech.”  (Aside:  I’ve read enough reviews of Driscoll’s book and read enough of what he has said elsewhere about the Song of Solomon that I am convinced that some of his interpretations are unwarranted biblically. Moreover, his “shock value” frankness will produce thoughts and images that I just don’t want rolling around in my mind; so I have chosen not to read the book.)
  • Mike Wittmer details five things he’s learned about technology in “Your brain on technology.” Don’t think you are impacted by technology, then consider his question, “How long has it been since you’ve read an entire book? Why don’t you sit down and read one now? It’s harder than it used to be, isn’t it? We are becoming skimmers rather than readers.”