Sermon: What is the Gospel?

What is the Gospel? Selected Scriptures January 12, 2020 Ask the question, “What is the gospel?” (even in the church) and you will get almost as many answers to that question as there are people.  There just does not seem to be much consensus on that question. In his book, What is the Gospel? Greg […]

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Sermon: The Message of Faith

The Message of Faith Romans 10:9-10 November 3, 2019 This week there has been significant conversation on the internet and elsewhere about October 31.  No, not chocolate and Halloween, but Reformation Day.  The discussion about the Reformation has been a good reminder about the gospel and its significance. As someone has said, “The gospel is […]

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Sermon: No Excuses

No Excuses:  The Message of Faith Romans 10:5-8 October 20, 2019 According to a UPI news item, MetLife has received some unusual excuses for accidents from its automobile policyholders over the years. The following are just few: “An invisible car came out of nowhere, struck my car, and vanished.” “The other car collided with mine […]

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Sermon: What Unbelievers Need

What Unbelievers Need to be Saved Romans 10:1-4 October 13, 2019 Unbelief is not unusual. Unbelief is — and always has been — far too typical and too common.  Accounts of unbelief are well-known: French philosopher Voltaire is reputed to have said, “If a miracle occurred in the market place of Paris and in the […]

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Sermon: Gospel Longings

Gospel Longings Romans 9:1-5 May 26, 2019 What makes you sad?  What makes your heart ache?  What are your greatest sorrows? We likely have similar kinds of lists of sad things: Illness of a loved family member Cancer and terminal diseases in children (I was often profoundly sad walking halls of Cooks Hosp) Broken and […]

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Sermon: The “Foolish” Gospel

The “Foolish” Gospel 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 December 30, 2018 Tuesday is New Year’s Day.  So perhaps you, like many of us, will spend some time in the next couple of days doing some self-evaluation — where have you done well physically, financially, relationally, and spiritually this year?  Where have you not done so well?  And […]

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Sermon: Go to the Nations, Pt 3

Go to the Nations:  Our Responsibilities in Missions 3 John June 24, 2018 It has been suggested that Acts is the best manual for missions that the church has. We learn a tremendous amount about missions by reading Acts. But many of the principles of missions we glean in Acts are also present in 3 […]

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Sermon: Go to the Nations, Pt 2

Go to the Nations:  Priorities and Responsibilities in Missions Selected Scriptures June 17, 2018 When I was in college I got a job working for a lumber supply company. I worked in the showroom selling things like plumbing and electrical parts, cabinets, and paint. To say that I was ignorant about the building business when […]

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Sermon: Go to the Nations

Go to the Nations:  the What and Why of Missions Selected Scriptures June 10, 2018 I started studying for this sermon series almost 13 years ago. A man who was involved in a kind of mission ministry that we already were a part of in a part of the world where we were already supporting […]

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