Sunday Leftovers (12/9/07)

It is the shortest verse in the English Bible (in the Greek text, it has three words, while both 1 Thess. 5:16 and 17 have only two words), yet there is much profoundness in the simple words, “Jesus wept.” They reveal His empathetic compassion towards His friends. And they illustrate His grief and righteous anger […]

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Sunday Leftovers (4/8/07)

The life of Christ has been called “The greatest story ever told,” and the resurrection has been called “The greatest event in history” and “The key to everything.” All those statements are not only true, they are crucial. Christianity hangs on the validity of the resurrection, as Paul notes in 1 Corinthians 15. It is […]

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Sunday Leftovers (1/28/07)

The cartoon character Broom Hilda once lamented, “I’ve searched all my life for the key to happiness. “I found the key to happiness once…” “The next day someone changed the locks.” Even believers are not immune to such thinking. We believe that we have found the key to happiness, and then realize that what we […]

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