Jesus is the answer

In Colossians 2:8 Paul warns about the dangers of the base and elementary philosophy of the world.  What are those principles?  He is non-specific, but the most basic philosophy of the world is this — anything must be made supreme so that God and Christ will be minimized.  The base philosophy of the world it […]

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Grab bag

With the discussion of transgender issues and gender reassignment surgeries increasing, we do well to be informed on those topics.  So consider JBMW‘s article, “What is Gender Reassignment Surgery? A Medical Assessment.” Kevin DeYoung tells us why we ought to give, “Three Cheers for Bill and Hillary Clinton” — at least the Clintons from a […]

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Combating worldliness

There are multiple helpful resources available to help us think in godly ways about the world and how we should live in relation to it. Here are five that I have found particularly helpful as I have thought about this topic: Tim Challies, The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment R. Kent Hughes, Set Apart:  Calling a Worldly […]

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No religious Super Bowl ads allowed

After watching the Super Bowl yesterday — and watching too many empty-headed, violence-encouraging, and sexuality-exalting advertisements, I read this morning about a commercial for “Lookup 3:16” that was not shown last night: Fox Sports refused the ad because, according to a statement, “Fox Broadcasting Company does not accept advertising from religious organizations for the purpose […]

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Grab bag

Found around the internet in the past week — C. J. Mahaney blogs about “The Pastor and Personal Criticism.” But it’s not just pastors who need to understand the role of criticism in their lives (to produce wisdom and maturity).  We can all benefit from the criticism we receive: If we could mature in wisdom […]

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Grab bag

A few things spotted on the web that have caught my interest of late: I’ve been thinking more about the relationship between social justice and evangelism lately.  Here is a brief video interview with John Piper on the topic. The Gospel Coalition has several brief articles on the same topic of social justice and evangelism […]

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Sunday Leftovers (10/3/10)

In Not Even a Hint, Josh Harris has a helpful section on the lies the world system offers about sexual temptation and the truth Scripture reveals about those lies.  I turned his principles into a chart that I find helpful in seeing the difference in worldviews: Or, download it as a PDF.

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More resources about worldview

“The faithful,” writes Tullian Tchividjian, “according to Jesus, are not intended to be fashionable.  They’re not supposed to fit in.  They’re called out from the world to be ‘odd.’  Our oddness, in fact, is essential to our faithfulness.  To put it another way, faithfulness to Christ requires foreignness to the world’s trendy diversions.” What is […]

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What’s important?

We wrestle often with the question of “What is the meaning of life?”  As Packer has noted, it is not such a difficult question: We also need to recover a true understanding of human life, a sense of the greatness of the soul.  We need to recover the awareness that God is more important than […]

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Sunday Leftovers (5/30/10)

Thinking a little more about worldviews and the world system and the way unbelievers think… It might seem daunting at times to try and sort out what others think about life and the world — what are the core values that drive that individual?   James Sire has formulated a series of seven questions that help […]

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