Ecclesiology matters

In the past two months I have heard several allegations (some public and some private) about pastors who have plagiarized sermons.  The allegations also appear to be much more than allegations; some of the video evidence I’ve seen seems indisputable and indefensible.  I don’t know what motivates a pastor to take sermons that do not […]

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Elder qualifications

This morning’s post is a re-post of an article from earlier this year, with some additional information from other posts included at the end of this post. The New Testament provides a clear picture of the kinds of men who are to lead the church as elders.  Both Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Timothy 3:1-7 give […]

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The ministry of the Word

As the early church began to grow exponentially, it quickly became essential to delineate roles and responsibilities in the church.  So in Acts 6, deacons were selected to assist the elders so that the elders could carry out their primary responsibilities of “prayer and the ministry of the Word” (v. 4). Now it might seem […]

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