Sunday Leftovers — Resources for Elders

For the last four weeks, we’ve been studying the role of elders in the church and the qualifications of elders.  In addition to the commentaries I read weekly, here are some resources I’ve found helpful in my study:

  • Alexander Strauch, Biblical Eldership:  This is an excellent book; it is extensive and detailed in its analysis of biblical texts.  Very helpful.  It’s the standard on this topic.
  • Gene Getz, Elders and Leaders:  This book is lengthy (368 pp.) but not as helpful biblically as Strauch.  The book is as much or more a story of how elders were cultivated and installed at his church as it is a biblical explanation.  Overall, the book was lacking.
  • Mark Dever, A Display of God’s Glory: Basics of Church Structure:  This book is brief but very helpful.  It covers much more than just the role of elders, but what he says about elders is concise and clear.
  • Thabite Anyabwile, Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons:  Like Getz’s book, this book is lacking in explanations of biblical texts, but it is weighty in providing evaluation questions.  Each brief chapter considers some aspect of the elder or deacon role and then asks 5-10 questions to help the church or potential elder or deacon evaluate readiness to serve.  A very helpful contribution.
  • Richard Baxter, The Reformed Pastor.  There’s a reason pastors and elders still read this book 350 years after it was written.  It’s one of the best on the role of the pastor.
  • Robert Saucy, The Church in God’s Program:  This is a book on ecclesiology, so the section on elders is not as extensive as some of the other books, but it is still worth reading.  This is one of my “go to” books on any ecclesiology question.
  • Gary Inrig, Life in His Body:  This is my other “go to” book on ecclesiology.

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