A prayer for Election Day

[This prayer is based on 1 Timothy 2:1-8; it might be helpful to read that passage before beginning to read and pray the following prayer.] Our Father, we come to you this morning as needy individuals and as a needy nation.  And as we come in need, we first of all also come recognizing our […]

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Why manners matter

Apart from all the typical rhetoric and bluster of a typical political campaign, during this election cycle I have been particularly frustrated with the tone of the arguments.  Many — too many — of the candidates have degenerated into ad hominem attacks, verbal bullying, condescending comments, and generally rude behavior.  A number of years ago, […]

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A hymn for today – voting day

Today the people of my state of Texas (and 12 other states) cast their votes in the primary election.  There have been strong words and the divisions between the parties and there appear to be greater divisions and disharmony among the candidates within the same parties as well.  Complaints and concerns about the candidates are […]

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Today’s Quote (11/4/08)

Al Mohler, “A Prayer for America on Election Day:” First, we should pray that God will bless America with leaders better than we deserve.… Second, we should pray that Americans will be motivated to fulfill the responsibilities of citizenship, yet also that we will be stripped of an unhealthy and idolatrous confidence in the power […]

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