A prayer for Election Day

[This prayer is based on 1 Timothy 2:1-8; it might be helpful to read that passage before beginning to read and pray the following prayer.]

Our Father, we come to you this morning as needy individuals and as a needy nation.  And as we come in need, we first of all also come recognizing our own sin and our own need for confession.

So, we confess our sins

  • We confess our anxiousness, joylessness, anger, and fear as we have anticipated this election. These all betray a lack of confidence in You and a desire for joy in this world more than a joy in You. These betray a greater hope in our government than our hope in Christ.
  • We confess our failure to use this election as an opportunity to proclaim the gospel to those in need. We have argued and discussed more about candidates than we have the cross of Christ.
  • We confess our prayerlessness, as revealed by the lack of tranquility and quietness that we have been experiencing. And again, our lack of prayer betrays a lack of trust in You.
  • As we have sinned in these ways, and more, would you give us awareness of those sins and readiness to confess those sins? And would you forgive of our sins and make us righteous in ways where we have been unrighteous.

Further, we pray for those who are in authority over us

  • We pray for the election today, asking for Your sovereign will to be accomplished. And we ask that knowing it will! As You placed and removed and restored Nebuchadnezzar to his throne, so You will establish every leader that You desire to rule today.
  • We pray for our consciences to be wise and informed and we ask that You would direct us to think and vote in biblical ways today.
  • We pray for the presidential candidates — would You establish the presidency in the person who is best for this country and this hour (whether it be for the blessing or the judgment of this nation)?
  • We pray for the salvation of these presidential candidates; they have lived lives that evidence a denial of Your truth and a hatred of Christ and His church. They are like we were — in bondage to their sin and the only One who can free them is Christ. This is the knowledge of the truth, so would You cause them to see the truth — their sin and need for a Savior and repent in the days ahead?
  • Would You give the president elect wisdom for the months and years ahead? Whether believer or unbeliever, all leaders can only do what You allow, so would You give them minds to understand and comprehend what is right and true and godly? Would You be merciful to this nation, and cause the victor to lead with morality and truth?
  • We ask for all the other people being elected and propositions being decided that You would provide godly leaders — godly senators, congressmen, governors, mayors, county commissioners, judges at all levels, and more. These are all in You hand. Would You give godly people to rule over us in all these areas as well.
  • We pray for contentment for ourselves as there may be some rulers whom we believe to be ungodly who have been placed over us. Keep us prayerful, contented, peaceable, and unified with You and one another.
  • We pray for unity with one another. Would You keep the issues in this election from dividing this church and would You keep us loving one another no matter who we vote for individually, and no matter who is elected.

And finally, we pray for those over us with thanksgiving

  • We pray with gratitude that we can pray — that we have an authority over us who listens to us and responds to us and is inclined to hear our prayers, if we are in Christ.
  • We pray with gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the process. So few in so few places have ever had this privilege and You have sovereignly granted it to us; we thank You.
  • We pray with gratitude that no one can thwart Your purposes and will. None can restrain or hold back Your hand from acting. What You desire, You always accomplish.
  • We pray with gratitude and confidence that on the last day You will demonstrate Your absolute sovereignty. Even if it appears that unrighteousness prevails today, we are confident and grateful that the victory of the ungodly will be short and that Your victory is and will be eternal.
  • We thank You that no king is King, but Christ alone. And our King in Heaven rules with absolute authority and infinite grace. He is a King that is easy to follow and a joy to love. Would You focus our eyes particularly on King Jesus this day, the election day, and this week, and at all times as the ultimate and true source of our joy and confidence.

This we pray with humility, petition, and gratitude, in the name of our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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