The Trinity illustrated

A few years ago, I posted this commonly used diagram as an attempt to explain the Trinity: Now Justin Taylor has provided this expanded diagram (and a helpful explanation to accompany the diagram) to explain the Trinity. See also J. I. Packer’s comments about how he would explain the Trinity to a child here.

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from around the internet: Justin Taylor offers “Eight Reasons Why My Anxiety is Pointless and Foolish.” In “Pray the Scriptures,” Scotty Smith confesses, I am a recovering self-centered pragmatic pray-er — a believer who spent many of my first years in Christ thinking of God more as a sugar daddy than the […]

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Preparing for Reformation Day

Justin Taylor has provided a number of very helpful resources explaining the significance of Reformation Day (Monday, October 31) — the anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg in 1517.  Among the resources he lists are: 1. Last year I interviewed Carl Trueman about the […]

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