Sermon: The Message of Faith

The Message of Faith Romans 10:9-10 November 3, 2019 This week there has been significant conversation on the internet and elsewhere about October 31.  No, not chocolate and Halloween, but Reformation Day.  The discussion about the Reformation has been a good reminder about the gospel and its significance. As someone has said, “The gospel is […]

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Sermon: Saved for Good Works

Saved for Good Works Ephesians 2:10 October 27, 2019 Five hundred and two years ago this week, a lone monk posted 95 topics of debate for the church of that day (what we now know as the Roman Catholic church).  He didn’t want to bring down that church; he simply wanted to reform it.  His […]

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Sermon: No Excuses

No Excuses:  The Message of Faith Romans 10:5-8 October 20, 2019 According to a UPI news item, MetLife has received some unusual excuses for accidents from its automobile policyholders over the years. The following are just few: “An invisible car came out of nowhere, struck my car, and vanished.” “The other car collided with mine […]

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Sermon: What Unbelievers Need

What Unbelievers Need to be Saved Romans 10:1-4 October 13, 2019 Unbelief is not unusual. Unbelief is — and always has been — far too typical and too common.  Accounts of unbelief are well-known: French philosopher Voltaire is reputed to have said, “If a miracle occurred in the market place of Paris and in the […]

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Sermon: God is Faithful

God is Faithful Romans 9 September 29, 2019 This morning we come to the table of communion.  This table is rightly called a table of remembrance.  It is designed to remind us of things that we must not forget, that we cannot forget, that we dare not forget: We dare not forget our need for […]

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Sermon: “Disappointed with God?”

Disappointed with God?  He is Faithful Romans 9:30-33 September 22, 2019 We live in a world where there are disappointments.  Big disappointments and little disappointments — they all bring a measure of sadness and grief into our lives: You had plans for a vegetable garden, and it didn’t rain, and what did grow got eaten […]

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Sermon: “It’s Not Fair!” A Question of God’s Righteousness

“It’s Not Fair!” — A Question of God’s Righteousness Romans 9:19-23 September 1, 2019 In homes with children — especially young children — there is an often repeated declaration that particularly reveals the theology of the children:  “It’s not fair.” When dad receives a larger portion of ice cream for dessert, “it’s not fair.” (The […]

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Sermon: The Grace of God Has Appeared

The Grace of God Has Appeared Titus 2:11-15 July 28, 2019 Forty years ago this summer, Grace Bible Church held its first worship service.  For forty years, GBC has been worshipping God, discipling believers, evangelizing unbelievers, and sending the gospel through missions to foreign lands.  For forty years we have seen and experienced God’s faithfulness […]

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When Scripture speaks

The Apostle Paul is fond of quoting from the Old Testament — particularly in the book of Romans.  In that theological treatise, the apostle quotes the Old Testament directly over 60 times.  And over half those quotations appear in three chapters — Romans 9-11. As Paul lays the foundation for God’s sovereignty in salvation in […]

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Sermon: God’s Sovereign Mercy, Pt 2

God’s Sovereign Mercy, Pt. 2 Romans 9:6-13 June 23, 2019 Unless you are a devout historian, you probably don’t know the name Nicholas Winton.  “Nicky” Winton died four years ago at the age of 106.  That’s remarkable, but that’s not what is most remarkable about him. His life began somewhat unremarkably, a Jewish son in […]

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