Sermon: “Disappointed with God?”

Disappointed with God?  He is Faithful
Romans 9:30-33
September 22, 2019

We live in a world where there are disappointments.  Big disappointments and little disappointments — they all bring a measure of sadness and grief into our lives:

  • You had plans for a vegetable garden, and it didn’t rain, and what did grow got eaten by birds and bugs (and some two-legged interlopers as well).
  • You underestimate the amount of a bill and you watch your savings go down instead of up.
  • You start a scratchy throat two nights before a major presentation and you have to speak in a whisper because of laryngitis.
  • You were abused as a child (a story that is way too common).
  • Your wife left you for another man.
  • Your child died unexpectedly from a sudden illness.
  • Your sibling (or child or parent) gave a profession of faith but for 30 years has been walking in rebellion against God and now even mocks the name of Christ.


Most of us have experienced more than one of those scenarios; and it is tempting to say, “God made a promise and He didn’t deliver; He must not be faithful.”  That’s the question that Paul has been addressing all through Romans 9 — particularly as it relates to salvation.  Is God faithful to save those He calls?  Paul demonstrates that God chooses (elects) and faithfully follows through on that elective plan as an expression of both His mercy and wrath.  He even elects Gentiles who were not part of His original plan with Israel.  Then Paul asks one final question about God’s faithfulness (v. 30) — “What shall we say?”  What will we say about God’s elective plan for salvation and God’s faithfulness?  We will say from vv. 30-33:

God’s elective salvation is always merciful and faithful.

God provides three final answers to the question of God’s faithfulness and fairness — “what should we say about election and the salvation of Gentiles?” —

  1. What Should We Say? God is Merciful (v. 30)
  • Some who didn’t want righteousness were declared righteous
  • Those who are declared righteous always receive it through faith
  1. What Should We Say? God is Just (vv. 31-32)
  • Some who did want righteousness were not declared righteous
  • Those who are declared righteous never receive it through works
  1. What Should We Say? God is not Disappointing (v. 33)
  • The means of righteousness is, and always has been, Christ
  • Christ, and His righteousness, will never disappoint the one who believes

Download the rest of this sermon on Romans 9:30-33.

The audio will be posted on the GBC website by tomorrow.

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