Need more time?

Rare is the day when someone doesn’t say something to me like, “I just need a little more time…” I say it too.

Near the end of his biography on Whitfield, Arnold Dallimore offers this personal observation that is both an encouragement and exhortation:

When the present author is stirring at 7 in the morning, he frequently reminds himself that Whitfield had been active since 4. Arising at that early time, he spent the first hour in communion with God, reading and praying over a portion of the Scriptures, praising God and also interceding with Him for lost souls in general, and several in particular.

At 5 he preached, and virtually always to a host of men and women. John Newton, the converted slavetrader, stated, ‘I have seen Moorfields as full of torches at 5 in the morning as the Haymarket is on a theatre night.’ And by 7 Whitfield had often set out on an evangelistic journey or was writing letters or meeting the first number who came seeking spiritual advice.

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